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Social Media Platforms for your Brand

The digital marketing game is constantly changing and it can get super confusing real quick. As we battle the world for online attention, it’s important to make sure you’re tapping into the right source of attention too. Lucky for you, you have us to test the waters for you first! We checked up on every major social media platform so you don’t have to. Keep reading for a brief overview on every major social media platform.

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PR Trends that are worth following in 2019

By the time 2019 rolls around, 2.77 billion people will be on social media. What does this mean for your brand? On top of running your startup and small business, the challenge to perform on social media can put a strain on your work-life balance. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you a trend cheat sheet so you can stand out from the crowd.

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Let's talk social analytics!

As someone in the communications field it is our job to source the best fit person to represent each brand and well what is trending and what talking about what. It could either take us hours of research to find the perfect fit or simply have a social media analytics app that does it all. Here is our top 3 favourite data tracking apps.

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