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DEF: A bad bitch. A girl you know you can count on for anything and everything.

Andrea Ng Glo Media

andrea ng


Andrea is a social media maven with over six years of digital marketing experience. She began her career as a full-time Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer for one of North America’s fastest growing coffee franchise, Blenz Coffee. Her passion for PR allowed her to fuel her creativity through also being a full-time freelance PR Consultant.

A niche that Andrea brings to the table is the connections she has harnessed through being fully immersed in the wedding industry in Vancouver. She is an extreme enthusiast of beautiful design, branding, writing, and most importantly connecting with people (mainly through food).

In 2016, Andrea founded Glo Media and was named one of 20 most badass PR women in Vancouver and graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Public Relations program. Working alongside industry leaders, Andrea manages strategic campaigns for multiple multi-million dollar companies.

When she’s not putting together strategic campaigns, you can find her at a pho restaurant slurping away in her bowl of noodles or snuggled away at home watching Survivor (wishing she was on the show).

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Meghan Lin

Graphic Designer +

Meghan is a third-year university student with humble roots as a self-taught graphic designer. Her love for design sprouted when she first dabbled with Adobe Creative Suite in high school and has never stopped polishing her craft ever since. Apart from her studies as a dual-degree candidate for a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English) and a Master of Business Management, Meghan enjoys volunteering as a digital media strategist for multiple student societies at the University of British Columbia, such as the Commerce Undergraduate Society. 

Meghan comes from a background of customer service and aims to go above and beyond with every project. Combining this with her familiarity with the publishing industry, Meghan has been commissioned to work on printed media of all types, ranging from postcards to agendas, and programmes to annuals. 

Still with lots to learn in the world of PR, Meghan looks forward to mastering Adobe After Effects (motion design), breaking out of her self-conscious shell at networking events, and adding a little more sparkle to the lives of everyone she works with. However, in the rare chance when she gets to relax, she’s almost certain to be found watching Rupaul’s Drag Race with a hefty bowl of fruit in one hand and her pup, Marble, in the other.  

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Kerry Chan

Photographer +

Kerry embarked on her career post-university like any other typical woman trying to connect and discover her path in life. Banking was a natural choice as she graduated with an Economics degree at UBC. She moved through the industry of retail banking, telecommunications, and then back to private investment banking within one of the big five banks.

Kerry is a creative soul that loves to learn and explore new things. She once again put on her student cap and dived head first into the Special Education Teacher's Assistants program at Kwantlen Polytechnic Univerisity as she has always felt connected to nurturing and guiding children.

The gift of education, past corporate working experiences, motherhood (aka a humbling multi-disciplinary job with tons of spontaneity), and a co-chair position of a parent advisory committee have brought her to a very grounded and rich point of her life. She brings passion and energy and understands the importance of attention to detail, meeting targets, and exceeding expectations. She is an active team player who is ready to build upon any challenges that come her way.   

Kerry enjoys being creative through writing, photography, cooking, and gardening. Her humble home has become an ever-expanding urban jungle that supports garden to table cooking and she has photos to show for it! 

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Account Manager

Serena is a hardworking and determined individual that has a passion for digital marketing. She is based in San Francisco, California and received a degree in Marketing at San Jose State University. She does not give up easily and you will always catch her on her phone getting the latest scoop on all things pop-culture related!

She landed her first marketing job working with influencers and from then on she fell in love with marketing as a whole. Serena comes from a background of successful business owners and believed this was her calling since she was a young girl. She has an interest in photography and videography and hopes to apply the skills she learned through the years towards her career in Glo Media and the future.

On Serena’s free time she loves trying new cuisines, editing videos, and Traveling. She has two cats and a dog and would seriously die for them! Serena is a gLo-getter and is always down to try new things even if it is out of her comfort zone.

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Client Relations

Colin is nothing short of world-class when it comes to client experience and satisfaction. It comes as no surprise that he is our Director of Relations in the US. His detailed and solution-oriented approach to client needs is what drives his businesses. 

With over 20 years of sales relations and management, he currently owns and orchestrates his teams from a central office in the San Francisco area. Richard Colins, a boutique tax accounting firm of 12 years that began with him and his brother, has grown from 240 to 2500+ clients as the team continues to expand. EatFreakz, Colin’s food and beverage consulting group is into its 6th year, selling out every event that he has hosted with talent prospected and curated himself consisting of comfort food artists to chefs with Michelin Star pedigree. Understanding the value of creating an experience his guests and clients can never forget is what set new standards in each industry he involved himself in. 

Known for his extreme workaholic tendencies when he’s in the groove, it is the clients’ smile of approval that drives his dedication and integrity in all that he does. When he’s away from the office, he loves snowboarding, water sports, basketball, writing poetry, and a good happy hour.