Social Media Platforms for your Brand

The digital marketing game is constantly changing and it can get super confusing real quick. As we battle the world for online attention, it’s important to make sure you’re tapping into the right source of attention too. Lucky for you, you have us to test the waters for you first! We checked up on every major social media platform so you don’t have to. Keep reading for a brief overview on every major social media platform.

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Great for: Amazing Visual Content

Active monthly users: 1 billion

Super powers: Influencers

Loved by: millennials!

Instagram is the new cool and it’s taking the world by storm. Visual storytelling gave rise to influencers and it’s a profitable platform to borrow the credibility of your target market’s favourite social media stars to sell your product. As well, having an eye-catching grid can also make you follow-worthy! For more Instagram tips and tricks, remember to subscribe to our monthly newsletters! It’s got everything you need to be an Insta-guru.


Great for: Ads, ads, ads!

Active monthly users: 2.23 billion

Super powers: Facebook Ads, Group communities

Loved by: everyone, but mainly older millennials + parents

Despite its declining popularity, Facebook is still king. Thanks to its advances in AI, Facebook’s algorithms are an amazing resource to use if you want to advertise to your particular target audience fast. Dropping a couple tens can go a long way in giving your small-medium businesses the exposure it needs. Groups, videos, and using messenger bots are also marketing trends on Facebook that are worth looking into.

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Great for: Real-time conversations and Customer Support

Active monthly users: 326 million

Super powers: hashtags and personality! #theOG

Loved by: Millennials with some $$$

We’re here to make it clear: Twitter is still alive. While it’s definitely not as hyped as it was before, the community’s influence is legit. More often than not, you’ll see news channels using tweets as sources to describe the buzz around a certain topic – and let’s not forget how Kylie Jenner demolished Snapchat’s stock value by $1.3 billion with a single tweet. It’s also a platform that allows brands to let their personalities shine through while providing real customer support to their audience; the Wendy’s account is a perfect example of this. For small businesses, all you really need are a few key customers to engage with you – when you share genuine moments with them through shoutouts and retweets, you’ve locked in their loyalty.


Great for: Education

Active monthly users: 1.9 billion

Super powers: YT stars + education

Loved by: everyone!

Youtube reigns supreme in a lot of ways. Being the second-most visited website on the internet (the first being Google), it’s loved by elders and toddlers alike and it’s a major catch-all for all things video-related. If you’ve got a personality and a brand that has the time and resource to release content regularly, you’ll probably find lots of success on YT. Just be warned: it’s a huge commitment and it can take a while before you finally see results.

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Great for: Marketing by region

Active monthly users: 300 million

Super powers: Stories + linking!

Loved by: Gen Z (teens!)

From keeping streaks up to taking cute selfies, Snapchat plays an important role in the modern teenager’s life. It’s an awesome tool to use if your target market is the youth, but keep in mind that they don’t have much buying power. Snap would be the perfect place to release sneak peeks of product launches and quick reviews on your stories. Another awesome thing is that the “swipe up” feature open to everyone, unlike Instagram.They’re meant to be short and sweet; all you need is a little creativity to make some standout content that lasts 24 hours!


Great for: SEO Optimization

Active monthly users: 250 million

Super powers: Keywords + Sharp visuals

Loved by: women with disposable income

While it’s got its reputation as a wedding social media platform, Pinterest is incredibly successful at turning pins into purchases, and a huge reason why is because its users are bougie AF; half of its user base make over $50K a year, and a solid 10% of them making over $125K! They aren’t afraid to flaunt their riches either. Almost 90% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest – talk about an incredible turnover! If you want to learn a little more about Pinterest’s SEO powers, check out one of our past blogs on pinning!


Great for: B2B Connections

Active monthly users: 260 million

Super powers: Sharing resources!

Loved by: Industry Professionals and recent grads

When you’re on LinkedIn, you’re not directly selling to customers, but you’re there to make a strong impression and contribute to the community there. Getting your staff engaged in LinkedIn discourse can enhance the reputation of your brand amongst other businesses and open opportunity for engagement, speaker opportunities, and much more! So while you won’t necessarily be cashing in on sales, you’ll be creating meaningful connections and creating value for your brand, which is priceless.

What Platforms should You be on?

So, how many social media platforms do you need to be on? You can link your other platforms in every post across different platforms to boost engagement all around, too. This way, you can get a substantial following everywhere and make your customers feel more connected to you!

What’s your favourite social media platform? Contact us if you want to find out what platform best suites your brand!