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Top 3 Sites for Graphic Design Inspiration 

Graphic design is everywhere, and it’s such a staple in PR and creative marketing. However, there are times when the same content on social media constantly gets recycled and by the time your brand adopts the “latest” design trend you’ve seen on Instagram, it’s already out of fashion. It’s also difficult to communicate what you want your brand aesthetic to be if you don’t know what you want! 

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18 Life Lessons for Creatives

It’s been a long year – 2018 gave us twelve months of lower lows and higher highs, and along with it came a set of new lessons learned. In honour of this year, which brought us another royal wedding, an entirely new album of Ariana Grande bops, and the rebranding of Glo Media, here are 18 quick lessons we learned to enter the new year stronger and wiser.

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Reasons to keep a Passion Project

If you travel really far back to the times when you were in grade school, you may remember “Genius Hour” of “Passion Projects,” a designated time for students to explore their curiosities and interests to their fullest. The nostalgia of free time… isn’t it great that children actually have time to explore their passions?

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