3 Cheapest Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing can sometimes cost the big bucks. But how about the little guys? How do we maximize our dollar to grow our business and test out our markets to see who our key demographics are? Well you are in luck! We are in the same boat as you. Here are the ‘Top 3 Cheapest Ways to Market Your Business’ - no matter if you offer a service or product.

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Working with $100 for Marketing a month

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Place ads to promote your services and products to potential customers in specific targeted areas.
- Even $20 goes a longggg way - especially if you’re based in a specific city
- Instead of doing a boosted post, it’s best to launch your ad through Facebook Ads Manager

Tip: Instead of choosing Automatic Placements choose specific places you want to place your ad so you maximize your ad spend.

Influencer Marketing

Pitch influencers on social media to promote and talk about your products to reach their demographic. If their photos are on brand, that is even better!

- You’re able to reach a wider demographic within different social circles
- Micro-Influencers are the way to go. They are wiling to promote your product in exchange for product, which is cost effective for you
- Provide each influencer with a special coupon code for them to share with their followers
- If you love their photos be sure to offer them $ if you want to continue working with them to create content for you

Tip: Be sure to put together a formal campaign guideline for the influencers you work with and ask for screenshots of their analytics to track and see the results of the collaboration.

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Affiliate Programs

Reward your influencers/bloggers with a store credit for sharing their coupon code. If you’re a small business you don’t need to map out an entire affiliate program system but can really reward those who you work well with.

- By providing influencers with a credit towards your website they will be more eager to share their code and promote your business.
- Eg. for every 25 codes used you will receive a $25 Credit towards our store.

Tip: Limit the code to only be used once per customer/account and also include an expiry date for the code.

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