Typography 101: What fonts say about your brand

If you’re not having a hard time choosing the right typefaces for your brand, you’re doing it wrong. In this world, there are about as many fonts as there are personalities out there, and it’s such a challenge to find THE one that complements your brand perfectly. If you thought finding the perfect date was hard, try matching the right font for your brand! Luckily, we’re bringing our branding experience to the table and sharing some tips and tricks to help you find the right type. ;)


We’re going to start out with our key tip right off the bat: treat fonts like people. When you are hiring for your startup, a key component apart from their resume is their culture fit for your company. If their character aligns with your brand, it’s a huge bonus. So why not treat fonts the same way? They’re your brand’s first impression, after all.

Take these two fonts, for example:

typography glo media

Which font is more convincing? Which one makes you think that whatever they’re talking about really is sweet like honey? Both fonts are adorable, but they are meant for different occasions. There’s a particular voice that is channeled and using the right font just depends on what kind of message you’re looking to convey.


You’ll always hear this: we live in the age of Twitter, meaning that you’ve got to convey your message in 240 words or less. So let fonts do the heavy lifting for you! If you’re looking to tell a story that’s more complex, perhaps the contrast between fonts is exactly what you need.


These two serial killers definitely give off different impressions. It also gives you a little more insight about what their background might be like. When we look at the top one, we might be more inclined to think that this dude is more violent and rugged. On the other hand, the bottom one seems a little more like a high-class hitman.


Assumptions come with every font. Here are some of the things we keep in mind when selecting typefaces when we build brands:


The same way you know when you’ve found the right partner, you’ll just know when you’ve struck gold. A good way to identify it is to have multiple fonts with the same text and compare them side by side. Do whatever you need to analyze them -- read them, say them, change their colours, everything. If there’s a particular font that you just can’t get out of your head, that’s the one.

Happy branding! We hope this helps you in your branding adventures. If you have any questions regarding typography and branding feel free to contact us at info@glomedia.co.