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In a day and age when smartphones are becoming the new desktop, it’s easy to feel like online presence is all about social media marketing. From Instagram, Facebook, and even Google Reviews, we’re expected to spread ourselves thin and be available to all types of markets out there. Before you know it, your brand can be shaped by customers and clients who don’t even know what your brand is all about. Bad reviews are hard to recover from, and you don’t want to damage your image further by engaging with them the wrong way. So how can we protect ourselves from internet hecklers? Here are our top 3 reasons why your business should invest in a website:


What if we told you that you could reclaim your narrative? Most customers tend to search up new businesses online before they give them a go. If you want the world to know who you are based on your own words, investing in a website is the best way to go. Not only do you get all the creative freedom to express yourself the way you want to, but it also gives your customers the feeling that you’re legit. And consider this: social media platforms will change (RIP Myspace), but your website will always stay constant. Make sure your business is persevering instead of riding small waves.

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As long as you’re not in the restaurant or real estate industry, it’s really easy to tap into other markets at a national, or even a global scale! You don’t have to be tied down to your geographic setting, and having a website is the first step in helping you achieve that. Your services will be up for display to the world 24/7 and available for contact all day long via email. You’ll be gaining exposure to markets that you didn’t even know existed and having a geographically diverse clientele can give you a greater competitive edge.


Yes, we’ve been stressing the importance of having a website, but it’s not to say that you should give up entirely on social media marketing! Most of the time, Instagram and Facebook users will whiz past your post if it’s a lengthy one. So how do you get the customers who are interested in your products to know more about your brand? Let your social media posts serve as a hook, and ask your customers to find out more with that classic ‘link in bio’ move. This way, interested customers will be able to check out all the new specs and promos you have to offer, and your not-interested customers won’t find your posts to be so intrusive to the point it warrants an unfollow. Instead of over-relying on your Facebook and Instagram, let your website be the go-to place for all the deets on what you have to offer!

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Some businesses choose to have their websites professionally done, but if you’re a budget babe, here are some tried-and-true website builders with their starting prices for you to try out:

Wix: $12.85 CAD/month

Google Sites: $12.85 CAD/month

Squarespace: $15.40 CAD/month

Happy web-building! Let us know if you have any website tips to share.

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