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Taking Amazing Photos with No Natural Light

If we could have the perfect lighting for all our client photos that would be a huge lifesaver. As much as we love Fall and Winter, they are gloomier than we would like. But it's okay, your Instagram feed does not have to suffer until spring! Here are some tips and tricks for making the most of the dark season and still managing to take great photos.

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Spark Notes: "YouTube Strategy Workshop" with Benji Travis & Sunny Lenarduzzi

Social media and YouTube included isn’t just a ‘post’ and then you’ll blow up over night… well not for many of us that is. Today we tuned into the LIVE ‘YouTube Strategy Workshop’ stream hosted by Thinkific with Benji Travis and Sunny Lenarduzzi. Both entrepreneurs started from the bottom and now are at their peak making 7 figures in sales in their businesses. If you missed the 2.5 workshop then take a look at our spark notes!

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