3 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

Happy Holidays, everyone! The new year is right around the corner, and we’re already hyped to commit to our New Year’s resolutions. What are some of yours?

We’re always thinking of ways to elevate our clients’ brands and a marketing strategy that’s constantly overlooked is actually the use of blogs. Not only is it simple and affordable, it’s really effective in reinforcing your brand identity and driving sales! If you already have a website, then blogging is definitely something you should consider doing to enhance the value of both your site and brand.

Here’s our breakdown on the perks of starting your own blog:

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As we mentioned on our article on websites, blogging gives you and your brand your own narrative. It also helps to strengthen your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value if your blog is within the same domain. Since blogs are search-friendly, it’s easier to reach your targeted community when you write on a certain topic (a.k.a. keyword). Whenever you post something on your blog, the multiple keywords of that article will expand the presence of your domain on google and eventually welcome more traffic on your website – and that’s always a great sign!

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A major obstacle that many small businesses need to work on is actually improving their credibility. Especially with businesses in stigmatized industries or e-commerce sites, buying customers will always wonder, “what gives you the authority to sell these things?” Therefore, to increase your credibility, it’s helpful to share your knowledge in your industry and offer educational think pieces that can benefit your potential customers. For instance, if you’re a freshly minted hairdresser, writing about the difference between colour melts and balayages can reassure potential clients that you’re legit and you know what you’re doing. Once the customers feel comfortable with your brand, that’s when you’ll find the results you want.

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If you have a website, it should come at no extra cost for you to start a blog – with all the website building apps out there, everyone has the freedom to start one for free! Blogs are also super easy to produce and manage. The topics you could write about are endless; from educating your clients to discussing up-and-coming trends, our only golden rule is that you must bring value to your readers. Worried about your writing? Here’s a tip you won’t hear very often: let your anxiety go by writing drunk, and then editing when sober. Raw thoughts and fine editing are all you need to make a great quality post.

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