Top Apps to Boost your Instagram Game

Ask anyone in this world: if you could effortlessly create a beautifully curated Instagram account, would you do it? Chances are that they’ll say yes. It’s a simple wish, but a lot of us fall through with it simply because it’s deceivingly strenuous to consistently create outstanding content. From creating a themed feed to uploading eye-catching stories, there’s more than meets the eye to the Instagram game!

Thankfully, there are so many apps to help us accomplish our influencer fantasy; from photo editors and layout apps to schedulers, here is our humble list of apps that lets you edit on the go so you’ll have stunning content up in no time!

Photo Editors

While it holds true to many of the apps here, none of these phone editors come that close to the gold standard in photography: Lightroom. However, for on-the-go shots that are needed ASAP or for those that require minimal editing, here are a couple go-to of ours to make ourselves look that much more polished:

  1. VSCO, a classic that’s probably already on your phone. They’re user-friendly and offer loads of versatility!

  2. Lightroom, if this is the gold standard on desktops then it’s also a gold standard on phones too! There are so many tools to experiment with and you’ll definitely be able to reach the style you’re aiming for with it.

  3. Meitu, it’s a popular app in Asia and it’s quite similar to Facetune. This lets you go wild with special effects and heavy editing if you’re not so subtle.

To show you what they’re capable of, we edited three different photos into a style that’s inspired by vintage film. All three are able to accomplish this effortlessly!

Layout Apps

As much as we love Instagram, their layout editor is really plain. If you’re looking to leave an impression on your followers, you might need something a little more creative! These three are worth checking out:

  1. SCRL This app specializes in creating ‘scroll’ style layouts and optimizes the carousel feature on Instagram. Its frames are cut in such a way where each square has enough visual interest to wow your viewers! They also have a great selection of fonts for you to choose from.

  2. Over This app has a gazillion different graphics-based layouts and offers so many on-trend templates that can be useful in building a brand identity. They also offer a team cloud space for you to collaborate with others at a reasonable price each month. The only catch? It’s for iOS only.

  3. Adobe Spark Post Adobe is so ahead of the game – their layout editor is as user-friendly as it is versatile, and they offer so many free options. You can even add some flare to your content by adding simple animations! It kind of reminds us of that overzealous Powerpoint presentation though– install it and you’ll see why.

Here are some stories we made using these apps:


Here’s the catch to staying consistent: preplan, preplan, preplan. Have your game plan ready so you’ll never scramble for ideas or feel burnt out. Scheduling ahead of time also gives you an objective view on your performance. Some tried and true options are:

  1. Preview. This is great if you’re only managing a single site. They also have a great photo editing system that allows you to retouch the basics, and it’s easy to reorder posts to make your overall grid look more cohesive.

  2. UNUM If anything, this app is one hell of a looker. On top of its aesthetically pleasing interface, you can match an unlimited number of accounts to manage and offers information similar to Instagram’s Insights. It’s especially useful if you don’t want to switch over to a business account!

  3. Later this is a heavy-duty one. It’s compatible with both desktops and phones alike, and it works best when you have a large stockpile of images to choose from. It’s much easier to plan captions and images with a calendar feature and Later offers exactly that.

Now it’s your turn to spill the T! Which apps have you been raving about lately?

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