How Travelling Can Make You Better at Your Job

Everyone loves a good vacation be it near or far. Most of our busy lives are filled to the brim with packed schedules and to-do lists. The mere thought of taking a breather from our daily grind may be enough to spark our inner wanderlust. Clicking “confirm” on travel sites that we frequent has never felt so exhilarating. Why are we so drawn to travelling? Does hitting the next new destination make us better at our job?

Even a short weekend getaway can work wonders and invigorate us in many ways. Globe-trotting for work or leisure does more than just create new memories. Travelling expands our horizons in ways we could have never imagined. We harness new skills that can’t be taught in offices or classrooms. Personal and professional growth kicks up a notch as we take in all the new sights and sounds.  

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A better people person

We work as a group and we might as well travel as a group. Traveling with co-workers, friends, or even your partner can work wonders on your people skills. We learn to cooperate, work as a team, and apply patience. Sharing a single hotel bathroom and learning to compromise on where to eat next are perfect scenarios that allow us to develop personally. For those who like to keep constant control of their own destinies, letting another person take the reigns because you lack the necessary language skills may be completely outside your comfort zone. However, you can learn to rely on others through this process. Traveling solo has its own benefits, but you will still need to interact with others as you ask strangers for directions or make small talk with whoever you encounter along the way. Interacting well with others under pressure is a valuable skill that is greatly welcomed by any company. 

Say what? 

Listening is an art that spans beyond just hearing sounds alone. You may be able to communicate effectively in your everyday life at home as everything is predictable. Travelling shakes things up a bit and gives us an opportunity to fine-tune our skills in processing incoming information. Our senses are heightened in new environments and we pay closer attention to local customs and norms. In addition, our level of acceptance and curiosity tends to expand simultaneously. We become active listeners as we get creative and overcome communication barriers. Travelling makes us better employees because we are more aware of the differences in communication styles. 

Expand your horizons. 

People around the globe are more interconnected nowadays thanks to our continuous technological improvements. Communication is creatively instantaneous as various platforms battle for the latest app functions. Meeting someone face to face is just a quick plane ride away too. Companies strive to become global leaders as their earnings are closely correlated to diversity and brand recognition. Employees must follow suit and expand on their cultural competencies at the same time. Travelling is a great way to better understand the dynamics associated with people from different walks of life. A team player who recognizes even the smallest cultural nuances is definitely an asset. 

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You can plan as much as you want before you embark on your journey. But, chances are things will not go as planned. Roadblocks and challenges come up all the time and you will suddenly find yourself in unknown territory. Travelling and uncomfortable situations come hand in hand. A situation becomes a problem when you sit and drown yourself in misery. Change it up and make it a positive challenge instead! Gather your wits and overcome setbacks with confidence. It’s all about your mindset. Travelling allows you to willingly jump into stressful environments and figure out workarounds in situations that you may have never imagined. The outcomes may blow your mind and literally put you ahead! Imagine missing a string of connecting flights. Then finding out that you will actually arrive ahead of schedule because you landed a seat on a direct flight! Travelling teaches us flexibility. Any company would appreciate an employee that is flexible and thrives in ever-changing environments!

R & R

We can all appreciate some R&R, even at the end of some back to back work meetings. Rest and recreation give our brain some respite from constantly producing. Allowing our minds to wander encourages creativity. We will see the same predictable tasks with a whole new set of eyes once we finish our travels and get back in the game! 

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