Glo Turns Ones!

Dear Glo,

Our amazing journey began last October and I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Being a crazy, badass momma to a Glo-ing baby has its moments and I’m super grateful for every amazing minute of it. Our season of growth this year has been unbelievable as we have reached beyond and expanded our roots with both our team and client base. Our steady growth can be seen in our blooming moments, such as our super successful MINI Cooper Richmond events that have been recognized by MINI Canada. 

Glo Media Team

Incredible achievements are always backed by strong company culture and many unseen hours of dedication, support, and commitment by the staff. What started out as a one-woman show has rallied into an amazing team of five. People come first at Glo and we are committed to building the relationships within our team and with our clients. We value the distinct composition of skills, energy, and ideas of each team member and are constantly looking for ways to strengthen and tighten our relationship and knowledge of our field. Team meetings are filled with juicy details of what’s on-trend in the digital marketing world, exciting news on the monthly wins of our clients, and reflective moments of how we can do better. Our passion and motivation span across borders and we work together to conquer challenges and bounce off ideas from Vancouver to San Francisco and all the way back! We are so thrilled to have two new team members in San Francisco that will help us better cater to our US clients. 

Glo Media Serena

Being on the fast track in the digital marketing world, the conditions and environment are always changing. Algorithms, platforms for launching ads, or new functions are in a constant state of renewal. Reading articles can shed some light, but truly grasping the topic and adapting with growth takes actual testing. All methods and new functions are tested on my own page to ensure that I understand and can share with my clients the results and feedback of what's new in the industry and whether that would be good for their brand.

We are a boutique agency and I really like saying the word boutique in it because we really cater to our clients’ needs. Cookie-cutter is far from what we stand for and we truly care about each of our clients. 90% of our clients are referrals and we are so proud to have 14 active clients and more on the way!  Our team really values our clients and the work we do with them

We at Glo are dreamers, creators, and planners. The future may hold a physical space that we may call our own. A creative, open office would mix things up and definitely contribute to an effective work dynamic and flow. Bouncing off ideas and sharing snacks with the entire team would be so much fun as we will always be around each other. Our team cares and enjoys the journey! We are all so excited to see what the future brings!


Andrea Ng

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