Funny how a simple bite can take you back home in an instant, initiating a blast to the past reminiscing your childhood memories. That was it for Mother and Daughter, Lisa Saepan and Tamara Saechao.

Growing up, Tamara spent countless hours watching her mother create delicious meals for their family and friends. Lisa is an amazing home cook and her meals bring back nostalgic flavours to everyone who is lucky to have a taste. One day Lisa paired a classic family recipe for pork crisps with her famous papaya salad and the taste was mind blowingly amazing! The word quickly got out and here they are today as Chaopan Food Inc., bringing you a little taste of Laos and Thailand with their Chao + Pan products.

Chao + Pan Products stand out in a crowded snack aisle, not only because of their delicious taste, but also because of their commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients that are free of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial flavours, fillers, colours and preservatives. They are family-owned and operated and strive to deliver the perfect snack for everyone at the table.

Instagram: @chaoandpan

List of services provided (Past Client)

  • Quarterly marketing campaigns

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation

  • BUSINESS Outreach

  • Media Relations