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DEF: A bad bitch. A girl you know you can count on for anything and everything.

Andrea Ng Glo Media

andrea ng

Andrea is a social media maven with over six years of digital marketing experience. She began her career as a full-time Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer for one of North America’s fastest growing coffee franchise, Blenz Coffee. Her passion for PR allowed her to fuel her creativity through also being a full-time freelance PR Consultant.

A niche that Andrea brings to the table is the connections she has harnessed through being fully immersed in the wedding industry in Vancouver. She is an extreme enthusiast of beautiful design, branding, writing, and most importantly connecting with people (mainly through food).

In 2016, Andrea founded Glo Media and was named one of 20 most badass PR women in Vancouver and graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Public Relations program. Working alongside industry leaders, Andrea manages strategic campaigns for multiple multi-million dollar companies.

When she’s not putting together strategic campaigns, you can find her at a pho restaurant slurping away in her bowl of noodles or snuggled away at home watching Survivor (wishing she was on the show).